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In an effort to respond to the perception that
teenagers and the young are a critical demographic for DAWN, the Comms Team proposes a series of initial steps.


The objective is to start a conversation between these audiences and DAWN.

We suggest these steps to be taken after the Visual Identity and website redesign are completed.




Contacting and contracting teen influencers in pre-defined regions to help propagate DAWN’s contents organically (human-based, bot-free).

Run a test in one country first

Content to be used created by Dark Social expert, designer and Online Comms Officer.


 Creation of feminist comics series for teens, distributed digitally, free, via social media

Main themes, simple formatting

in accordance with Comms’ Knowledge Ladder Protocol.



We propose the use of a Dark Social expert to produce niche campaign efforts specially aimed at teens and young audiences.

Hiring of Dark Social expert Aslan Cabral, for temporary campaign. Aslan’s recent projects surpass 1 million followers, with a far greater number of impressions. He is internationally recognized in the field and has an interesting network of digital artists and creatives.

Aslan is personally involved in the Brazilian northeast transgender scene and in the LGBTQ+ community as a whole.


Creation of digital content for social media with the aim of reaching these audiences.

Operation in coordination with Online Comms Officer.

Original content, custom made gifs, memes, WhatsApp group research and propagation.

Coordination with key teen influecers.


• Creation of podcast series on the various themes DAWN explores.

• Recommended 10 episodes, 25-35 min each for season 1 - pilot.

• Designer to create visual aspects of the podcast show.

• Insertion of podcast into DAWN’s main website, as a webpage containing all episodes, summaries, photos and other eye candy as well as all the hyperlinking in accordance with the Knowledge Ladder Protocol.

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